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School Orchestras/Youth Symphony Programs


There are many school districts in the Central Illinois area that offer

string orchestra programs.  This is a great way to further enhance a student's musical ability!  The Central Illinois Youth Symphony Program in Peoria, IL offers high quality musical training as well.

Recitals for Friends and Family

Mrs. Schmidt highly encourages her students to share their gift of music with others.  You will find her students playing in local ensembles, in nursing homes, in churches, and in their own living rooms for family and friends! 

Chamber Ensembles

There are many advantages to playing one's instrument with others.  Aside from meeitng new people, being in an ensemble encourages listening skills and teamwork.  Many of Mrs. Schmidt's students are involved in their own string quartets and participate in their school's small ensembles.  A trained string quartet is often asked to perform at local community events and weddings.

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