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Studio Etiquette Tips

  •  Please be on time for your lesson. :)

  •   If you cannot attend your scheduled lesson, 24hr notice is appreciated.

  •   Excused absences from lessons include illness, family emergency, or a family vacation.  UNEXCUSED absences will still require payment for the lesson.

  • ***Once a student has missed 3 lessons that fall under the EXCUSED absence category, lesson payment will be required for any missed lessons going forward.***  This takes into consideration Mrs. Schmidt's schedule and also helps to reserve your slot in the studio. 

  •  Rescheduling a missed lesson (unexcused or excused) may be a possibility depending on Mrs. Schmidt's availability that week. 

  •  Payment can be weekly at the beginning of the lesson or monthly at the beginning of each month.  The studio tuition fee can be found by contacting Mrs. Schmidt and covers your weekly private lesson as well as helping to cover some of the costs for recitals, technique classes, chamber ensembles, theory material, music and supplies handed out at lessons, masterclass clinicians, and various other studio operations.

  •  If lessons are cancelled due to teacher illness or the weather, a rescheduled lesson time will be arranged OR you will be refunded for the lesson missed.  

  •  Parents are welcome to attend lessons, but are not required to attend if the student is over the age of 8. 

  •  Please make sure that your son/daughter comes to their lesson with all of the needed materials. (instrument, music, shoulder rest, rosin, etc.) 

  • If you are considering purchasing a violin or viola, please consider consulting with Mrs. Schmidt.  She may have options that will fit your budget while providing a quality instrument for your son/daughter.

  • If your son/daughter is not feeling well and is contagious, please do not worry about coming to the lesson.

  • Students are encouraged to practice 4-6 days a week. 

  • At least two studio recitals will occur each year.  Students are encouraged to participate.


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